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Custom Features Guidline
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1 Dicembre 2017

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2 Novembre 2017
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Mark of Azeroth ( MoA ) : That is a custom currency for purchase a lot of things like mount/ toys/ custom transmog item ( read below )/ … You can earn this currency from Battlegrounds / Arena / Dungeon / Raid bosses / Custom daily Quest

Smartstone: In your bags you can find a chest called “Smartstone” that item gives you:

  • A possibility to change your Xp Rate from 1x to 12x
  • Reset your negative aura
  • Teleport to Black Market

Black Market: That is a place with a lot of utility things:

  • Npc for join all bracket arena
  • Npc that gives you a custom daily ( pvp daily – pve daily – pve weekly – timewalking ) all those quest give some MoA
  • Hoar the Collector this npc can collect infinite, not duplicated, items without lose them
  • Smartstore Cow this “cow” sells Apps, these have a lot of utility ( 3x mining perk , 3x herbalism perk, Change Faction, Change Race, Change Name, Portable Jukebox )
  • Season Set Guy, with this npc you take Relentless Gladiator’s Set, you can buy it for free but you must use those equip in Dalaran, Arena or Battlegrounds.
  • Warpweaver gives the transmogrification from your equipped item into an other one in your bags
  • Jukebox npc, to listen wow music and even more…. 😉
  • Ysera Image with this npc you can change your current dimension ( what kind of custom feature is the Dimension ? read below )

different DIMENSIONS: Each dimension is literaly a separated world in same realm (shared chat, raids etc), but with different Npc and Objects

  • Illusiory World ( standard dimension )
  • Guild World ( guild dimension ) – This dimension includes guild houses ( like garrison ). Guild Houses can be attacked by other guilds for obtain items/mounts/object/…
  • Toys World – This dimension includes event made from entertainer
  • Warcraft Tales ( Gdr dimension )
  • Corrupted World – This dimension is a place without ethical rules, fight and destroy other teams!
  • Classic and TBC World – dimension reserved for previous patch
  • Gm Dimension ( only GameMaster can use this dimension )

Timewalking : This Npc gives a possibility to auto-scale your current level and statistics to play old dungeons and get awesome rewards! That change is based on needed level for a specific raid/dungeon

CrossFaction : You can use the race that you like most without limitation in pvp and pve

Gargas Magic Box : This box has a cost of 20 Moa, it includes transmog-item ( without statistics )

Future-Transmogrifer : You can transmogrifier your items into Tier19 , these items can be found in Gargas Magic Box ( legion items )

5 different arena bracket: This includes 1v1, 2v2,3v3,3v3soloq,5v5

PlayerStats leaderboard: PvE leaderboard, you can obtain points from Dungeon and Raid

Hard-Level leaderboard : This leaderboard gives the possibility to earn AzerothPoints ( virtual currency ) with your LevelPoints at 1x

Arena leaderboard :  PvP leaderboard, you can obtain AzerothPoints and other items from ranking in 1v1/2v2/3v3/3v3soloq/5v5

Bg Stats :  PvP leaderboard, you can obtain AzerothPoints for each battleground that you won

Account Full PvP :

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8 Dicembre 2017

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30 Luglio 2016
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Ci state dando dentro di brutto!

28 Dicembre 2017
Valencia, Spain

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25 Dicembre 2017
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no po dare un plus Thanks.

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