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100%安い [1982] 赤ワイン[のこり1本] / ボルドー / シャトー・マルゴー※ラベル不良フランス-赤ワイン

Chateau Margaux
Chateau Margaux
解説パーカーポイント: 97点
予想される飲み頃:2016 - 2036

The 1982 Chateau Margaux is a wine that I have tasted many times, constantly contrasted against the 1983 to see which is better. Frankly I found that it depends on the bottle, although maybe the 1983 edges it. But it is important to assess the 1982 on its own individual merits because it is a superb First Growth. This was a great bottle: fragrant and beautifully defined on the nose that on this occasion offered a more conspicuous graphite scent, which lent it a Pauillac-like personality. Allowing the wine to open and aerate, the traits one associates with the property emerge?wilted violets and rose petals. The palate is medium-bodied, fresh and mineral-laden, that suggestion of candied orange peel on the entry segueing into layers of pure red and black fruit. There is always something effortless about this Chateau Margaux and the pixelation on the finish is up there with the very best. Is it the best 1982 First Growth? No, it's not quite up there with 1982 Latour or Mouton-Rothschild, however, it is a sublime evocation of the vineyard and it will continue to give pleasure for a couple of decades yet. Tasted May 2016.
(227, The Wine Advocate, 29th Oct 2016)

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